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Program Breakdown



Coaching is about sharing, challenging, and growing together. While some challenges are more demanding than others, we provide concise and clear direction to ensure success through any dynamic situation. 

In 8 sessions, learn how to confidently communicate, plan strategically, and take action to be an effective and successful trainer, mentor, or coach. 

Program Outline


Session 1-4   Classroom Learning Includes:

  • Classroom sessions are 2 hours each

  • Outline teaching how to create program plan

  • Instruction on how to effectively deliver instruction

  • A library of drills (fundamental movement skills and object control), games and coaching strategies

  • Opportunities to brainstorm and work with like minded people


Sessions 5-8    Practicum Experience Includes 

  • Observing and learning from an experienced coach working with athletes 

  • Practical and strategical tools that can be implemented immediately 

  • Opportunity to work with mentor coach to create program plans for athletes

  • Create and implement program plans with practicum athletes

  • Reflection and debrief time with mentor coach

Benefits to Mentees

  •  Ability to confidently and effectively articulate goals and objectives

  • acquire and develop a larger professional network

  • Have a better understanding of the working world and your place in it.

  • Walk away feeling encouraged and empowered, but also with the ability to encourage and empower others.

Let’s Work Together

Program Duration: 
October to November 

January to February

March to April


How to Apply:

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For more information, please contact us at or 778-980-3566  ​

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