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Training to be Fit (YOUR FIT)

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

If you have been paying attention to dramatic development of athletics over the past decades or even a few years athletics have has been dumbfounding. For example, to see any athletes that were under 6” dunking had people in awe…… Now you have people that are 5’9 wind milling or putting it between the legs. Weight training has been the most impactful and made the most positive contribution to any person on and of the play field. Today’s weight training influences every athletic program in the WORLD, no matter what the sport - male or female. Athletes now find it necessary to lift weights and participate in conditioning programs to better prepare themselves for the competitive rigors of the athletic season.

In a nutshell there are 6 common questions: who, what, where, when, why, and how does the training benefit the individual.

What Does Strength Training Do For You?

An added bonus of strength training is injury prevention. Athletes who strength train tend to have fewer injuries. This is because strength training strengthens the muscle attachments and increases density of bones at the sites of muscle origins and insertions. And if an injury does occur to an athlete who has been strength training properly, it will probably not be as serious and will tend to heal faster.

So next time someone tells you weight training is just for bodybuilders, think again. A proper strength-training program just may be the final piece of your training “puzzle” to success!

How Do You Feel When You Train?

Training provides a sensation to the mind, the more you train and start seeing results, the better you will feel. The harder you perform, the more results you will see. Dedicated, devoted and disciplined training provides a rewarding feeling of euphoria. This is the exact reason why people will fall in love with training, the feeling it gives you when you accomplish your goals and see results from all the hard work put in. Training can build many great qualities, in particular, confidence. You feel unstoppable and you know that each week you can get better and hit another record. You start realizing that you feel good, you look good and others notice it too.

So go out there and start getting fit more importantly YOUR FIT!


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