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This is a great place for your little one to learn while venturing a fun and engaging atmosphere. 

Saturdays 9:00- 10:00

October 9th – December 18th

Ages 0 - 5


$17.50 per session 


Whether your little one is doing tummy time, sitting up, crawling or walking this is the place to be! They will be encouraged to take on their next milestones, they will learn how their body moves, will start to understand and trust their own abilities, and so much more.


Any time for interactive play with other children is so prevalent and necessary for growth; mentally, physically and emotionally. This gives our little ones a great opportunity to do so while having fun, exploring a new environment and being active.


Join us for circle time, fundamental movement play time, object control, music, interactive connection, free play and more. 


This program will give them many opportunities to explore their connections with others and expand their physical abilities all while having fun, playing games and listening to music. 

Registration will begin September 24th




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